How to Make Impactful Short 1-2 Minute Explanation Videos

Short videos have become an effective medium for conveying information. As attention spans seem to become shorter and shorter, it’s crucial to keep these videos to 1-2 minutes long.

1. Audience & Purpose

  • Identify the target audience – Who to you expect to want to watch it?
  • Define the purpose of the video – Click, Email, eBook, Purchase, Lead

2. Topic & Content

  • Choose the topic
  • Outline key points.

3. Script

  • Write a concise script to follow
  • Time the script to be within the 1-2 minutes.

4. Visuals

  • Prepare slides or Visuals
  • Gather props if needed for demonstration.

5. Tech Setup

  • Background – clean, neutral, not cluttered so it does not distract.
  • Lighting – adequate to ensure clear and crisp picture
  • Camera / Microphone.

6. Recording

  • Do a test Run
  • Record the video

7. Editing

  • Trim unnecessary parts
  • Add transitions and text or effects.

8. Review

• Watch the video and make any adjustments

9. Feedback

• Get feedback from someone in target audience.

10. Publish & Share or Advertise

Balancing concise messaging with informative content is the art that needs to be showcased when creating short one to two minute explainer videos. By following this simple checklist, you’ll have a reliable roadmap that will make the process easier and the result more effective. Quality is better than quantity, so remember that a well-crafted short video can be just as impactful, or more than longer content.